Why Trump Sold Out the Kurds for Vladmir Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, and President of Iran Hassan Rouhani

Now It Makes Sense Why Trump Abandoned the Kurds

It wasn’t just Trump’s normal chaotic incompetence, this was planned

Vladimir Putin is clearly the 800-pound gorilla in his relationships with Turkey and Iran, and apparently he gives Trump orders too. We’ve all observed Trump’s servile deference to Putin in his comments, at Helsinki and other public meetings, and in some of Trump’s policies like lifting economic sanctions on Russian oligarchs so that Senators Moscow Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul can benefit from Russian money pouring into Kentucky.  Through this lens Trump’s recent order to withdraw American troops from Syria and abandon our Kurdish allies to genocidal attacks by Turkish forces finally makes sense, despite most Americans and even Republican lawmakers considering it merely ‘strategic bungling‘ on Trump’s part.  Until now, it wasn’t clear why Trump would do such a terrible thing in betrayal of our Kurdish allies and in the knowledge that ISIS would benefit from his actions, which they already have.

The missing key came out on 10.10.19 from Daily Kos Diarist Mark Lippman who reported ‘Look who met 3 weeks ago to discuss and make plans for Syria – Putin, Erdogan, and Rouhani‘.  Yet as of 10.14.19 our more mainstream Western media have not reported what Putin and his cohorts decided to do about Syria when they met at this meeting for a ‘Trilateral summit on Syria’ held in Ankara on September 16, 2019. 

‘Meeting between the leaders of the guarantor states of the Astana process on the settlement in Syria. With President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan (centre) and President of Iran Hassan Rouhani’

Although Trump was not present for this meeting, he has clearly implemented Vladimir Putin’s wishes, as reported on the Kremlin’s website:

Putin’s words from http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/61542 in response to this question from the Russian press: ‘ With due consideration for the US presence in Syria, I would also like to ask how you assess the US presence on Syrian territory?’.Screenshot from http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/61542

In this light it is apparent that Trump implemented Putin’s instructions when he precipitously ordered the pullout of American troops from Syria and abandoned our Kurdish American allies to genocidal attacks by Turkish forces. He had first put forth this plan to remove American forces from Syria back in December of 2018 but it had been met at the time with fierce resistance even from Congressional Republicans and resulted in General Mattis resigning from his position as Trump’s Secretary of Defense; see https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/10/james-mattis-trump/596665/:

Mattis resigns in disgust; screenshot from

In the face of such opposition Trump eventually walked back the idea, until it resurfaced just last week. On 10.6.19 Trump announced he was withdrawing all American forces from the region of the Turkish-Syrian border, a move which even Republicans roundly condemn:

Now It All Makes Sense

The only way Trump’s actions make sense even in a crazy way is by Putin and Erdogan and Rhouhani meeting in September to work out the details of their plan, and Trump now following Putin’s instructions to do so. Who benefits? Trump’s action benefits Putin by stabilizing Syria under his ally Assad, enabling continued operations of a Russian naval base at Tartus and a Russian air base at Hmeimim in Syria. These military bases will enable Putin to prevent the Saudis from constructing the natural gas pipeline to Europe they’ve long wanted, which would compete against Russian natural gas supplies. Erdogan also benefits by gaining an excuse and opportunity to wipe out a great many Kurds, who he considers ‘terrorists’ for wanting political autonomy and a homeland of their own in and around Turkey. Apparently unexpected by Trump, As soon as American forces began withdrawing, Erdogan quickly launched a military offensive against the Kurdish forces nearest the border with Turkey, and instead of sending American troops back to defend our allies or even establish a no-fly zone over the area, Trump instead is suggesting he’s working out a deal with Congressional Republicans for weak sanctions against Turkey instead. All the benefits to Iran in its bargain with Putin and Erdogan are a bit unclear, but the withdrawal of American forces from the region can only hearten the Iranians and strengthen their interests there. By 10.13.19 there were already masses of Islamic State fighters and their families and sympathizers escaping from imprisonment in Syria as a result of Trump’s following Putin’s instructions to leave Syria.

Screenshot from

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is we have a corrupt President Trump who acts on Putin’s instructions to the detriment of Americans, America’s national security, the health and security of our nation’s allies, and to the detriment of everyone in the world besides Trump and Putin. We need to remove Trump from office before he destroys America and before he starts World War Three. Nothing is more important to present and future generations than removing Trump from his ability to do great harm.

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