Trump’s Zombie Fanatics Would Even Accept This

Trump enables Putin to walk on America

Trump is Putin’s boy for sure

Even if Trump literally did this on camera for all to see, it wouldn’t be nearly as awful and disgusting as the things he ALREADY DOES like his attacks on migrants and abusing their children, his repeated systematic attacks on American institutions and good people working to keep us safe, in law enforcement and Congress and our free press and now he’s denigrating the courts again when he gets told that what he wants to do is against the law. Frequently his attacks are viciously cruel and personal like when he crafts clever nicknames for people or dismisses rape accusations by further demeaning his victims with ‘she’s not my type’ as if that is the best alibi he’s got.

This is a sick man. Sick in the head for all to see. Literal insanity running the asylum he wants America to be. With Putin’s approval, private direction, and overt assistance even. It’s not a good situation for anyone but Putin and his oligarch buddies. Some eagerly like and anticipate the downward spiral America is on though as Trump spreads his sickness to them, for reasons that the uninfected cannot really fathom. Instead the best we can do is have some understanding about the sickness’ root causes in psychopathy, or sociopathy if you prefer the almost-synonym. It happens when certain brain circuits don’t work right and empathy, which gives rise to conscience, does not get processed and therefore does not enter into decision-making. Instead the psychopath’s behaviors are driven by lower emotional circuits of the brain’s limbic system, especially fear-driven behaviors involving the amygdala (or amygdalae, since there are really two of them). There are lots of ways for these circuits to go wrong through some kind of developmental malformation or damage or disease, so psychopaths are not all exactly alike, such that while every serial killer is a psychopath, not every psychopath is a serial killer, for example. They are all predatory monsters of one kind or another though, each in their own ways. In their youth it is common for psychopaths to be caught torturing animals, for somehow their broken brains process the suffering of others as something pleasurable to them. Later they commonly graduate to hurting people one way or another. Some specialize in emotional damage to harm and destroy people’s lives, and they can be extremely crafty and cunning at manipulating people, like Charles Manson did. Basically psychopaths do what they do for the fun of it. While this is so hard for a non-psychopath to really understand, we can at least know what is going on and deal with it appropriately when the need arises. Which it has in Trump.

There is a type of fungus that infects ants and totally takes over their little brains, turning them into ant zombies that then do only what the fungus wants them to do. Maybe ‘directs them to do’ would be a better way to phrase it because it’s difficult to imagine a fungus actually wanting something, but who knows? It’s also possible that the fungus doesn’t need to take over direct control of the ants’ brains but instead makes the ants ‘want’ to do what the fungus wants them to! Regardless, the point is that the ants are totally subjugated mentally through this infective fungal mechanism, and what happens is the fungus directs the ant bodies they infect to climb high up into trees and clamp their jaws onto the underside of a leaf where they’re protected from rain, and then they just stay there. An infected ant, if it is capable of even knowing its own intentions at that point, can’t do anything about it. The fungus then grows a reproductive body to produce spores inside the ant, consuming the living tissue of the ant as it goes. At some point the ant’s body bursts open and releases the fungal spores from high up in a tree where they can spread very far. And so the cycle of ant zombification by fungus continues.

Humans being considerably more complex than ants means we have even more things that can go wrong with us, but thank goodness there is no known fungus that could infect our brains and make us into zombie spore factories. We have a worse kind of brain infection though, and that is Trumpism. It infects some people’s brains to modify their behaviors in ways that are not of benefit to them either. Perhaps a zombie ant digs its mouthparts into the bottom of a leaf for the same reasons and motivations Trump followers imagine that tax cuts for the rich are a good thing for them? Probably not, but it’s worth considering. Because we can think of a psychopath’s casting his veils of deceptions and delusions designed to influence people’s behaviors in zombie-like fashion as at least somewhat similar to the influence of a certain fungus upon ants. I’m just saying. And I’m sure ‘conservatives’ will mostly disagree. But I can prove their zombieism to them:

Because we all know for a certainty that if Trump did arrange for Putin to trample an American flag as this meme depicts, most if not all of Trump’s zombie ‘base’ would find a way in their heads to be totally okay with it. Whatever ridiculous story Trump might make up to frame it as something that didn’t happen even though everybody saw it and can replay it on video, his cult followers would uncritically buy it, without so much as a peep or a whimper, but with eagerness. Just like they buy into all of Trump’s atrocities and find ways to defend them.

We have seen this kind of mass mental disease before in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany, when another psychopath infected minds with a very similar form of cult-worship based on hate and fear of others and promises of Aryan Christian glory. This time though we can’t say we didn’t see it coming or we weren’t warned. I think we need to treat Trumpism like the disease it is, and seek out a cure.

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