The Essential Emptiness of Donald Trump

Essential Emptiness as in devoid of empathy and conscience, a predatory narcissistic psychopath posing enormous dangers to America and the world.   Mental health professionals are warning us and they need to be listened to, understood, and their warnings appropriately acted upon.

We may not survive as a nation if we don’t act on these clear warnings, which seem to be worsening very rapidly now.  The pussy grabbing psychopathic white supremacist in the White House is presently running in full bonkers mode playing to his ‘christian’ base with allusions of himself being ‘the King of the Jews’ and other references to himself being God and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Chosen One, etc.  This nutbag idea that Trump is somehow Jesus come back has apparently been growing like a malignant tumor in the minds of delusional ‘christian’ extremists for some time, at least sufficient for Trump to feel comfortable with exploiting it.  But to do so, he must feel as if the walls are closing in on him, and the best he can do is consolidate his ‘base’ in this manipulative fashion if he hopes to hold on to power.  He must be feeling pretty desperate.

The evangelical community has been nurturing their ‘Trump is Jesus returned’ hallucinations for some time with very little exposure being revealed to the general public.  The first known instance of the concept leaking out to the general public was a Psychology Today article by Dr. Bobby Azarian titled The Belief That Trump Is a Messiah Is Rampant and Dangerous on May 28, 2019, in which he said:

For most evangelicals, it is not only fear that keeps them in line, but it is also faith. As a cognitive psychology researcher who has been writing about the science underlying Trump’s support since he began his presidential campaign, I have learned—through comments, emails, and discussion forums—that a significant portion of his supporters literally believe the president was an answer to their prayers. He is regarded as something of a messiah, sent by God to protect a Christian nation.

The second known instance of this evangelical hallucination leaking out to the general public was in this question by Dr. Karl Simanonok asked on June 3, 2019: Who exactly (names, please) in the so-called ‘Christian’ community is seriously putting forth the grotesquely absurd idea that Donald Trump is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

As of this writing on 8.23.19 no good answers have been received so it is still a mystery exactly who in the nutbag evangelical community is a perpetrator, but for Trump to be capitalizing on it as he has, he must have been clued into the idea somehow.  And that suggests one or more of the ‘christian’ preachers he has associated himself with could be it, like Franklin Graham perhaps.    If you, dear reader, happen to find out, please reply to Dr. Simanonok’s Quora question!

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