Russiagate Psychopaths


Total Russian propaganda from Russia Insider:

RussiaHoax Proves That Media Ignoramuses Don’t Know US History or Law

My comment there 7.15.19

So this article informs us that ‘Russiagate’ being a ‘hoax’ is the official Russian position on the matter, arrogantly no less, which any idiot ought to be able to validate for themselves because Trump won in the electoral college not the general election. As if that somehow means that Putin’s help didn’t make the difference. As if Putin was and still is just wasting his time. As if the whole world hasn’t seen Trump being totally subservient to Putin, as if we are supposed to accept their denials that something’s going on that neither Putin nor Trump have been entirely honest about. As if we haven’t all observed Trump lying habitually by now and Putin often benefiting from Trump’s actions. Yep this is what the mechanism behind ‘Russiagate’ actually looks like, allright.

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