Psychopaths Are Always Liars And Usually Substance Abusers

Trump has long made the claim that he doesn’t drink alcohol, that he’s never so much as touched a beer in his life.  That’s always seemed absurd coming from such a hedonistic privileged white boy, and now we can add that too to his list of lies.  In an excellent article, numerous of Trump’s former acquaintances and even bartenders have come forth to speak about their witnessing Trump drinking beer, wine, champagne, and vodka.  What a surprise, huh?

The story highlights two of the classic psychopath’s characteristics:

  • They lie about almost everything, often when they don’t even need to.
  • They are invariably substance abusers.  The story is about Trump’s alcohol habits but it is just as likely that Trump’s reported Adderall snorting is true, and we have all seen how he sniffles during every important debate and speech he makes.
Trump the lying alcoholic psychopath

Trump the lying alcoholic psychopath

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