Observe How Psychopaths Fabricate And Propagate Lies

One Fabrication After Another

Trump and Hannity present an almost Alice In Wonderland style of absurdity with a string of fabrications laying out their alternate reality version of events, where Trump plays a victimized innocent choirboy as Hannity prompts him through each scripted scene.  There’s the repeated list of ‘bad people’ as Trump keeps calling them, Obama and Hillary and Comey and Strzok and Page and Brennan and Clapper as we’ve all heard before, and they even go so far as to try to make the case that the Steele dossier, paid for by Hillary of course, was based on Russian misinformation and so the Russians were really trying to hurt Trump!  As if we haven’t been made completely aware that Putin explicitly stated his preference for Trump to win the election.  As if all the online trolling by Russians doesn’t favor Trump today, and as if all the nation’s intelligence agencies didn’t concur that the Russian interference in the 2016 election totally favored Trump.  The whole awful 24 minutes of this pathetic lying goes on this way, completely revising reality as they ramble through different topics.

Playing To The Base

Obviously they’re ‘playing to the base’ who are too blinded in their cult worship and too misinformed by long exposure to Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ to understand that almost every single scene in this staged farce by conspiring psychopaths can be easily picked apart and invalidated by verifiable facts and critical thinking skills.  To someone familiar with the behavior of psychopaths, this is a classic example of how they will spin a whole false world that seems to make sense on the surface, but doesn’t stand up to close examination or testing.

Psychopathic Allies

We’ve all come to expect this behavior from Trump, but what’s disturbing is all the allies he has.  Hannity appears to be intelligent enough to fully understand that he’s lying, and he’s totally okay with it, never mind the harm Trump is trying to do to America with his racial divisiveness and trade wars and abrogated nuclear agreement with Iran and abrogated Paris Accord so that climate change will be ignored for the benefit of more corporate psychopaths in the oil industry, on and on it goes.  Hannity has got to understand this too.  So he and Trump’s other psychopathic sycophants like Giuliani, Nunes, McConnell, Graham, Barr, etc. are all smart enough to understand the lies they are promoting and the harm they are striving to enable, and they are okay with it.  There has to be a reason or reasons for their behavior, they aren’t just dumb Trump supporters buying somebody else’s story, they are all actively involved in scripting it.

The most likely explanation is that they are all Russian moles of some type, whether by bribery or blackmail or (seems least likely but who knows?) ideological inclination.  Hopefully we will find out from evidence as it comes to light.  Already we know that Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are funnelling Russian money from Oleg Derepaska into Kentucky investments, and we know this because they’re crowing about it like it’s a good thing.  We also know that Mitch McConnell is blocking votes on bills passed by the House that were designed to improve election security against Russian interference in the 2020 election, and the general mood among many Republicans seems to be that any Russian interference that will help them win elections is a good thing.  These are not loyal Americans by any stretch of the imagination, and since the Russian connections are so direct and conspicuous, the only logical conclusion is their fealty belongs to Putin.

Neuroscience Has A Solution To This Problem

Do you know that neuroscience has so advanced lately that functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) can positively identify liars, AND positively identify psychopaths?  That’s because lying involves the activation of brain pathways that don’t ‘light up’ when someone’s telling the truth, and because psychopaths lack empathy and conscience that are processed in the brain’s prefrontal cortex, damage to the frontal lobes or to their connections with underlying brain regions will also be revealed by fMRI.  But so far our legal system lags behind the neuroscience and it isn’t getting used.  Just think how easy it would be to settle most legal issues about who’s lying or not with an MRI machine!

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