How Psychopaths Behave

Almost everyone would agree that pedophile predation must occur in the absence of empathy or conscience toward the victims.  That particular kind of absence is exactly what defines and makes a psychopath; someone who at a minimum doesn’t care about the harm they cause someone, or more often for psychopaths it’s the very harm they cause that they get off on.  They enjoy hurting people.  All those images and videos of children in cages and people jammed into overcrowded pens with no showers for 40 days?  They make Trump smile, to know he’s directly responsible for their suffering.  Children separated from their parents and essentially given away to foster parents for adoption?  There go some more lives shattered, and you know Trump cackles with sadistic glee over it.  Just not in front of the cameras.

Psychopathy can take many forms, manifesting in different ways in different people.  We now now that Trump’s buddy Jeffrey Epstein was quite an active pedophile in his heyday, and at this point we are only waiting for the other shoe to drop to learn that Trump was too.  Hopefully the digital evidence found in Epstein’s safe will unambiguously implicate Trump in the same kind of sex crimes, and we can be done with the pedophile president.  At the very least we already know that Trump was aware of Epstein’s reputation for young girls because Trump said so!  Therefore it’s just a matter of determining what kind of psychopath Trump actually is: was he actually fucking underage girls himself along with Epstein, OR did he only choose to overlook what he and everybody else close to Epstein knew about, not giving a shit about Epstein’s victims?  Strangely, most of Trump’s fans will predictably be okay with the latter and therefore choose to be pedophile enablers themselves, because they don’t care about people being harmed either.  But at least some minority number of them might not be okay with video evidence of Trump fucking Ivanka or some other underage girl back then.  AND ONLY IN THAT CASE MIGHT REPUBLICAN SENATORS BEGIN TO ACT LIKE THEY CARE, because most of them are psychopaths too, obviously, and are more likely to behave appropriately when they know they’re going to be judged by their voter base sooner or later.

This article and especially it’s accompanying video pretty well lays out the evidence that Epstein’s sex crimes were absurdly downplayed by another pedophile enabler, former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who at the time of this initial writing on 7.19.19 has resigned in disgrace after his pathetic excuses didn’t fly for why he let Epstein skate out from under serious charges and only suffer very minor punishment for his crimes.

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