Fully Delusional: “I am the chosen one”

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Trump’s so slippery in his painting of false pictures that he apparently thinks we should all believe and live in, he almost makes you want to let your brain absorb and accept them, rejecting all rationality, just to not have to think so hard how fucking crazy he is and all the dangers that means.  It isn’t only that he has command over weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying the entire planet, or that his rejection of climate science will bring great hardship to future generations if not human extinction, but that he keeps spawning ugly new threats and chaos on one level or another almost daily.  And it seems to be getting worse.

Increasingly, mental health professionals are warning us of Trump’s deteriorating condition, validating what we can all see and hear with our own eyes and ears.  The man is not sane, and the manner of his insanity is intensely malignant as evident by all the people he keeps maligning and trying to hurt.  Trump’s behaviors are characteristic of psychopaths, and he is in a uniquely powerful position to inflict them upon Americans and the rest of the world.  Yesterday Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers et cetera and he felt the need to manipulate Israel into publicly rejecting four members of Congress from visiting there, today he’s alienating America from our NATO ally Denmark in a tiff that they won’t sell him Greenland and backpedaling on promising stronger gun laws so that his white supremacist followers won’t murder quite so many Americans anymore, who the fuck knows or could possibly guess what new malicious crazy will issue from this man next.  The man who so clearly is playing to his base of religious zealots with his ‘I am the chosen one’ comment in this video on 8.22.19.  Yes he’s crazy to behave this way, but he’s crazy like a fox about it too because he’s so deliberate about it in his malicious intent to harm so many people while maintaining the power base to do so by manipulating his cult followers.  Who now think since he’s the ‘chosen one’ as many of them have been fantasizing about for a long time now, that whatever he says and does is okay because to them it’s all ‘God’s Will’.  It’s beyond crazy, it’s Jonestown psychopathic on a world scale.

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