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This tool for self-defense was inspired by and is dedicated to Dr. Robert D. Hare, whose authoritative work on psychopathy has answered many questions for at least some of the victims. If you don't already own his book, Without Conscience, you can help support us in your own defense against a psychopath by buying it here.

The following passage from Without Conscience (p 216) perfectly describes the reason and need for (highlights added):

  • Recognize that you are not alone

    Most psychopaths have lots of victims. It is certain that a psychopath who is causing you grief is also causing grief to others. Tracking them down to exchange stories and information could help you deal with the problem, if only to demonstrate that it is not you who are at fault. Everyone is vulnerable to the psychopath, and there is no shame in being victimized. This may be difficult to accept if you have just been conned and are too embarrassed to complain to the police or to testify in court. But you may be surprised by the number of other people in your community who have been taken in.


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